Journal des modifications (ajout de nouvelles fonctionnalités et corrections de bugs) du thème "Simpleo" pour tous les sites en version 8 et version 9 du CMS Concrete créés par l'agence web coteo depuis 2018.

Date de dernière mise à jour :

0.19.0 => 07/06/2024

0.18.0 => 30/04/2024

0.17.0 => 30/11/2023

0.16.0 => 15/11/2023

0.15.0 => 09/11/2023


# 0.19.0
* Add new block coteo_block_reinsurance
* Add new block coteo_block_hero
* Add possibility to display an image for each item in in coteo_block_leader
* Add translations for coteo_block_leader
* Improvements to back office UX in coteo_block_leader 
* Fix undefined variable $sumNote in coteo_block_review
* Delete default border on buttons in coteo_block_button
* Add translations for coteo_block_button
* Add new page template for landind pages tpl_landing_page
* Add new option to define block title in coteo_block_slider
* Add new option to define block description in coteo_block_slider 
* Add new template tpl-with-pictures in coteo_block_accordion
* Add translations for coteo_block_article
* Improvements to back office UX in coteo_block_article
* Add new options and displaying improvements for coteo_block_review
* Add new option to define block title, subtitle and suptitle in coteo_block_review
* Add new option to define block description in coteo_block_review 

# 0.18.0
* Fix ResponseAssetGroup::requireAsset required core/file-manager in coteo_block_leader
* Add option pagelistTemplateInContainer in coteo_block_page_list
* Add option to choose ukButtonStyle in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add option to choose ukContentPosition in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add option ukContentOverlay and contentOverlayBorder  in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add option ukContentPosition in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add option ukTransition in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify default option speed of ukSlideshowAutoplayInterval from 6000 to 3000 in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify default option ukSlideshowAutoplayPauseOnHover from true to false in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify default option descriptionDisplay  from 1 to 0 in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify default option linkDisplay from 1 to 0 in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify default option imageBrightness  from 1 to 0 in coteo_block_slideshow
* Change ukSlideshowAutoplay input form by 3 radio button choice
* Change option ukSlideshowRatioWidth and ukSlideshowRatioHeight by ukSlideshowMinHeight and ukSlideshowMaxHeight

# 0.17.0
* Add Button Border Radius management
* Add Border Bottom Width management
* Add animation on menu parent icon
* Add sticky menu on desktop
* Add spaces and lines separators in mobile nav menu
* Delete social share links in mobile nav menu
* Change tpl-3col-basic button styles by theme button styles in coteo_block_page_list
* Change tpl-3col-hover button styles by theme button styles in coteo_block_page_list
* Add control over button styles for tpl-3col-basic in coteo_block_page_list
* Add control over button styles for tpl-3col-hover in coteo_block_page_list
* Fix setting controller > view > options in coteo_block_page_list

# 0.16.0
* Add Button Secondary Color management
* Add Button Secondary Hover Color management
* Add Link Active Background Color management
* Add Navigation Link Active Background Color management
* Add Breadcrumb Background Color management
* Add Breadcrumb Link Color management
* Add Breadcrumb Link Active Color management
* Add new template sixth to coteo_block_article
* Add new template seven to coteo_block_article
* Fix PHP 8 $sumNote in coteo_block_review
* Fix PHP 8 $options->titleStyle in coteo_block_article

# 0.15.0
* Add class o-main-content__container in containers
* Add class o-coteo-container--withID in containers
* Fix name with adding o- in containers
* Add o-main-content__container--pageID in default.php
* Fix line-height for buttons in coteo_block_button
* Fix z-index for striped option in coteo_block_article
* Add control do not display Aside-bottom Area if no blocks inside
* Add new theme control for uk-button-primary color
* Add new theme control for uk-button-secondary color
* Add new theme control for Navigation Border Bottom color
* Delete span tag for icon in coteo_block_button

# 0.14.4
* Fix division by zero in views of coteo_block_review

# 0.14.3
* Fix Undefined array key "postSelectedPagesID"

# 0.14.2
* Fix PHP 8 nécessaire pour appeler coteo_block_page_list dans un template

# 0.14.1
* Fix load of main.js for one pages

# 0.14.0
* Add new block coteo_block_review
* Add option Multiple Selection Page in coteo_block_page_list
* Add new template simple to coteo_block_page_list 
* Add new helper function  getTopicTreeChildTopicsSortByName
* Add block translations and links to
* Add translations on coteo_block_page_list

# 0.13.0
* Fix class o-main in view.php
* Add hn choice for coteo_block_article
* Fix block icons sizes
* Fix bug PHP 8 on one_page/navigation.php

# 0.12.0
* Delete links to packageadmin on coteoweb
* Add new template fifth to coteo_block_article
* Add new container full width with two equal columns
* Add new title size option like h1/h2/h3 in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add new title uppercase or lowercase option in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add notification when no client administration email

# 0.11.0
* Change template fourth on coteo_block_article
* Add new template 3 col to coteo_block_link
* Add zone informations
* Optimizes the presentation of forms 

# 0.10.1
* Fix form-select display

# 0.10.0
* Fix PHP8 bug in coteo_block_slider
* Add new container full width with padding

# 0.9.2
* Add containers for easier layouts
* Fix PHP8 : missing $siteCanonicalUrl

# 0.9.1
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_modal
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_article
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_button
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_page_list
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_slider
* Fix setDefaultOptions in coteo_block_slideshow

# 0.9.0
* Add concrete cms version 9 compatibility
* Add PHP 8 compatibility
* Fix bug in coteo_block_modal

# 0.8.6
* Fix margin class on coteo_block_accordion

# 0.8.5
* Add icons on contact page
* Add icon on menu item to show when there are sub-pages
* Fix gap on menu caused by last UIKIT changes

# 0.8.4
* Add FAQ structured data to accordion block

# 0.8.3
* Add FAQ structured data to accordion block

# 0.8.2
* Fix map do not display on contact page

# 0.8.1

* Add mobile menu optimizations
* Fix display of editing message for coteo_block_modal

# 0.8.0

* Add google font load optimization with avoiding @import
* Add preconnect links for loading performance
* Change for coteo_block_page_list : now includeAliases
* Add aria-label on button for accessibility

# 0.7.1

* Fix load of main.js in foot.php

# 0.7.0

* Add new block coteo_block_modal for pop-in functionnalities

# 0.6.6

* Add js to open external link in new tab

# 0.6.5

* Fix script tag in foot.php

# 0.6.4

* Fix bug with theme for concrete version >= 9
* Fix display flash bug with offcanvas menu on desktop
* Fix em color in css
* Add og:image:width and og:image:height

# 0.6.3

* Fix og:image for news image to share on Facebook

# 0.6.2

* Add control of Cookiebot do not display cookie bar in footer.php

# 0.6.1

* Change image relative to absolute url for facebook graph in head.php

# 0.6.0
* Add template One Page
* Add for coteo_block_article : choice to position first article right or left

# 0.5.1
* Delete in coteo_block_leader do not display QR Code
* Add translations
* Delete in coteo_block_leader forcing capitalize on text

# 0.5.0
* Add new block coteo_block_accordion
* Add new template tpl-link to coteo_block_slider
* Change height of Coteo Block Icons in admin

# 0.4.1
* Change coteo_block_button icon
* Change coteo_block_article icon
* Change coteo_block_slider icon
* Change coteo_block_slideshow icon
* Change coteo_block_leader icon
* Change coteo_block_page_list icon
* Change coteo_block_link icon
* Change coteo_block_file icon

# 0.4.0
* Fix/Force dashboard homepage for all
* Modify for coteo_block_slideshow : position of title and description
* Add for coteo_block_slideshow : add an option to display the navigation buttons
* Add for coteo_block_slideshow : add a field to display a link on image
* Add for coteo_block_slideshow : add an option to display the links as a button
* Add for coteo_block_slider : new template tpl-lightbox allowing to zoom on image
* Add for coteo_block_slider : new option for shadow on image
* Change for coteo_block_slider : Autoplay activate by default
* Change for coteo_block_slider : Infinite Scrolling activate by default
* Change for coteo_block_slider : choose Autoplay Interval between 3/5/7 seconds
* Multiple change for html block template tpl_header_contact :
* Contact information is visible at the top of the page on desktop only
* Widening of the offcanvas on Small and Medium
* Decrease the height of the block on the desktop

# 0.3.2
* Fix double quote error in coteo_block_page_list

# 0.3.1
* Change cache bloc output lifetime for coteo_block_link
* Change dashboard/coteo/home single page Name
* Fix missing link in dashboard/coteo/home
* Fix link to coteoweb logo in dashboard/coteo/home

# 0.3.0
* Add dashboard home page and redirect user when they login
* Modify class t-drop-shadow for use of filter: drop-shadow (not supported by IE)
* Fix on coteo_block_article/templates/fourth/view.php for content color when striped option activated
* Modify class naming for coteo_block_article
* Modify rendering of striped block with background now occupies the full width
* Add spam email protection for block content with dotty replacement in main.js
* Add block translations
* Change cache bloc output lifetime for coteo_block_article

# 0.2.0
* Add new block coteo_block_button for call to action

# 0.1.2
* Keep only one button to generate QR Code for better UX

# 0.1.1
* Fix newValue display by default in QRCode Title and Text
* Change background color on QRCode preview
* Add limits on the number of characters of Title and Text of QRCode 
* Remove package upgrade oldPackageVersion in email_package_update

# 0.1.0
* Add QR code management in dashboard

# 0.0.55
* Add update notification by email to administrators

# 0.0.54
* Fix breadcrumb and em color

# 0.0.53
* Add setStartPageID to coteo_block_page_list

# 0.0.52
* Add closing tag in tpl-grid-card on coteo_block_link
* Add template tpl-3col-brightness in coteo_block_page_list
* Fix templates tpl-3col-2levels and tpl-3col-hover using several times same image in coteo_block_page_list
* Modify template default in coteo_block_page_list
* Upgrade performance using only .o-page instead of .o-body.o-page in css
* Modify mobile menu to display n levels
* Upgrade Jquery & switch from cdnjs to jsdelivr for better performance
* Jquery will now automaticaly download last version in MAJOR version 3
* Upgrade Uikit & switch from cdnjs to jsdelivr for better performance
* Uikit will now automaticaly download last version in MAJOR version 3
* Font-awesome switch from cdnjs to jsdelivr for better performance
* Open Page Type [page] in Composer by default
* Modify CacheBlockOutputLifetime to 1 hour for coteo_block_page_list

# 0.0.51
* Update Uikit to 3.3.7
* Fix padding on contact page
* Fix naming on multiple class
* Style conversation block
* Add mixins
* Add translations on coteo_block_link
* Delete closing tag in tl_card_grid on coteo_block_link
* Transfer block css to theme less for coteo_block_link
* Transfer block css to theme less for coteo_block_file
* Transfer block css to theme less for coteo_block_leader
* Transfer block css to theme less for coteo_block_page_list
* Center content in tl_card_grid on coteo_block_link

# 0.0.50
* Update Uikit to 3.2.3
* Add comments block design

# 0.0.49
* Add Single Page recherche.php
* Update Uikit to 3.2.0

# 0.0.48
* Add Image Brightness option in coteo_block_slideshow
* Update Uikit to 3.1.7

# 0.0.47
* Delete to generate favicons and manifest.json because of bugs with CLI commands

# 0.0.46
* Composer update
* Add to generate favicons and manifest.json
* Update for coteo_block_slider now display title and description for each item above the image

# 0.0.45
* Add ckeditor to coteo_block_article (only after first save of the item)
* Update Uikit to 3.1.6

# 0.0.44
* Add html template tpl_header_contact for address + tel + contact link
* Modify for coteo_block_page_list : center elements
* Fix control on existing url or not for coteo_block_link
* Delete h1 on Collection Name for home page in default.php
* Update Uikit to 3.1.4
* Hide option for 5 columns in coteo_block_leader
* Delete Google plus social share link
* Add translations for coteo_block_slider
* Fix dotted line for coteo_block_leader

# 0.0.43
* Update Uikit to 3.0.3
* Fix check of default option maxFractionDigits when equal 0 in coteo_block_leader

# 0.0.42
* Add translations
* Modify position of [Add image] to bottom in coteo_block_slideshow
* Modify position of [Add image] to bottom in coteo_block_slider
* Modify margin in Options tab in coteo_block_article and coteo_block_leader and coteo_block_link and coteo_block_slideshow
* Add label and file edit capabilities for new images in coteo_block_slider
* Add label and file edit capabilities for new images in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add label for new articles in coteo_block_article
* Modify default image for items in coteo_block_article
* Modify images management for coteo_block_article
* Fix : delete item before saving block now possible for coteo_block_article
* Fix link in view.php for coteo_block_article
* Modify link in linkText and linkUrl for coteo_block_article
* Add class uk-button and uk-button-default to link in coteo_block_article
* Modify templates for coteo_block_article

# 0.0.41
* Add Share Link LinkedIn on desktop and mobile device
* Add Page Template [contact]
* Add Help tab and link to
* Add translations
* Modify position of [Add article] to bottom in coteo_block_article
* Modify position of [Add article] to bottom in coteo_block_link
* Add template management in options for coteo_block_link
* Add template management in options for coteo_block_page_list
* Change default image for items in blocks
* Fix link in template tpl_card_grid for coteo_block_link
* Modify images management for coteo_block_link
* Add LinkedIn URL in contact page

# 0.0.40
* Fix copyright year date in footer using coteo_package_informations
* Add icon for coteo_block_link
* Add icon for coteo_block_slider
* Add icon for coteo_block_slideshow
* Add icon for coteo_block_leader
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.26

# 0.0.39
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.25
* Add mixins for color filters on images
* Fix margin top and bottom in block_coteo_file

# 0.0.38
* Fix coteo_block_file use of option forceDownload for the text link
* Add coteo_block_file blank target when files are not forceDownload
* Fix coteo_block_article > in link [En savoir plus]

# 0.0.37
* Fix coteo_block_page_list options not found when existing old block and upgrading coteo_package_themesimpleo
* Modify coteo_block_page_list cache options for better performance
* Modify coteo_block_slideshow cache options for better performance
* Modify coteo_block_slider cache options for better performance
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.23

# 0.0.36
* Fix file Title and file Description in coteo_block_slider

# 0.0.35
* Add new thumbnail type Xlarge of 1920 pixel width
* Add option Image Width for coteo_block_slideshow for need of images larger than 1200px
* Remove view.less in coteo_block_article and add themes/theme_simpleo_coteo/css/partials/blocks/coteo_block_article.less
* Add test in foot.php for main.js in order to override theme without copying all files

# 0.0.34
* Fix : delete @import for coteo_block_article.less in main.less
* Add option Ratio in coteo_block_slideshow
* Add option Start Page in coteo_block_page_list

# 0.0.33
* Add uninstall coteo_package_image_content if unused
* Add uninstall coteo_package_imagesdefilantes if unused
* Add uninstall coteo_package_menusrestaurant if unused
* Add uninstall coteo_package_simple_gallery if unused
* Remove themes/theme_simpleo_coteo/css/partials/blocks/coteo_block_article.less and add view.less in coteo_block_article

# 0.0.32
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.20
* Add coteo_block_article
* Fix : delete item before saving block now possible for coteo_block_slider
* Fix : delete item before saving block now possible for coteo_block_slideshow
* Fix : missing quote on alpha3 variable for coteo_block_leader
* Add random option to coteo_block_slider

# 0.0.31
* Modify share buttons and the return to the top button and fixed positions
* Change icons for share social buttons and return to the top button
* Modify classes and Use mixins in 6_components.less file
* Add class underline in 3_generic.less file
* Fix 2_tools.less file
* Add class text-center on .o-cookies informations
* Add https to the coteoweb link
* Delete unused share link

# 0.0.30
* Add new block coteo_block_slider

# 0.0.29
* Add itemprop name for
* Add itemid for
* Add application/ld+json for WebSite
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.17

# 0.0.28
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.16
* Modify href to onclick for javascript print (Rapport CCI)
* Fix missing double quote in footer.php
* Add missing noscript tag (Rapport CCI)
* Add meta og:image / Facebook (Rapport CCI)
* Add meta twitter:image / Twitter

# 0.0.27
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.14
* Add 404 page - Page Not Found
* Fix .text-italic class
* Change Cookie notice
* Add link to donnees-personnelles in Cookie notice (need coteo_package_informations >= 0.1.2)

# 0.0.26
* Add Cookie notice

# 0.0.25
* Add new block coteo_block_slideshow

# 0.0.24
* Add new block coteo_block_leader

# 0.0.23
* Fix style on different form elements
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.10

# 0.0.22
* Add new template for coteo_block_page_list : tpl-3col-basic.php
* Fix .o-footer-bottom .uk-subnav overflow on small device
* Fix margin on coteo_block_page_list
* Fix coteo_block_file in layouts
* Delete template name on coteo_block_page_list

# 0.0.21
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.9
* Add template tpl_card_grid for coteo-block_link
* Fix form class .form-control.ccm-input-url
* Fix getForceDownloadURL and getDownloadURL on coteo_block_file
* Change display order for coteo Block Type sets in second position
* Add new block coteo_block_page_list
* Add new template for coteo_block_page_list : tpl-1col-basic
* Add new template for coteo_block_page_list : tpl-2col-basic
* Add new template for coteo_block_page_list : tpl-3col-hover
* Add new template for coteo_block_page_list : tpl-3col-2levels

# 0.0.20
* Add new block coteo_block_file
* Fix missing use \Concrete\Core\Entity\Attribute\Key\PageKey in previous version

# 0.0.19
* Install new Block Type set Coteo
* Change display order for Block Type sets
* Add .gitignore
* Delete block template file/templates/coteo_download
* Add new block coteo_block_file
* Add new Collection Attribute 'page_image_banner'

# 0.0.18
* Modify and comment 1_settings.less
* Modify and comment 2_tools.less
* Modify and comment 3_generic.less
* Modify and comment 4_elements.less
* Modify and comment 5_objects.less
* Modify and comment 6_components.less
* Modify and comment trumps.css to 7_utilities.less
* Add new template for block "file" : coteo_download and replace default template

# 0.0.17
* Add text-bold, text-italic, text-normal class
* Update Uikit to 3.0.0-rc.6
* Add sticky on o-menu-mobile
* Add icon tel to o-menu-mobile
* Add icon location to o-menu-mobile
* Add social-share functionalities to o-menu-mobile

# 0.0.16
* Upgrade en version 3.0.0-rc.5 de Uikit

# 0.0.15
* Change default color for em
* Clean comment on page
* Suppression des "/" en trop dans les liens du footer vers le plan de site et la page mentions légales
* Ajout de la classe background-opacity dans tools

# 0.0.14
* Correctif : twitter:title
* Upgrade en version 3.0.0-rc.2 de Uikit

# 0.0.13
* Code Format
* Upgrade en version béta 42 de Uikit
* Modification exclude_page_list pris en compte dans uikit_sitemap.php

# 0.0.12
* Correctif hauteur champ URL sur les formulaires
* Correctif : remplacement de APPROVED par ACTIVE et RECENT dans Page::getByID de header.php et footer.php (bug introduit en versin 8.3.2)
* Upgrade en version béta 40 de Uikit

# 0.0.11
* Ajout de fonctions TopicTreeHelper dans src/Coteo/Helpers/TopicTreeHelper
* Correctif hauteur du champ input tel
* Ajout d'une classe avec les ID des pages cibles sur les menus Desktop et Mobile

# 0.0.10
* Upgrade en version béta 38 de Uikit
* Mise à jour du breadcrumb avec
* Supprime la classe uk-nav sur le ul du plan de site pour avoir une indentation des pages
* DRY sur les fonctions de recherche de la Home Page de chaque langue, regroupées dans elements/utlility.php
* Ajout du mixin css border-radius-circle
* Update responsive-slide from 1.54 to 1.55 in page_theme.php for jQuery 3.0 compatibility
* Upgrade to jquery 3.3.1

# 0.0.9
* Correctif mineur sur la taille du champ input en dessous du captcha
* Correction (ajout du lien sur le dernier élément) sur le marquage du breadcrumb pour éviter les erreurs du test de données structurées de Google
* Mise à jour du marquage du breadcrumb avec la balise meta position désormais obligatoire
* Modification de view.php pour éviter d'avoir deux fois le titre h1 sur les pages d'actualité et de listing d'actualité tout en conservant un document outline propre, permet également si besoin de modifier la structure des pages générées avec view.php afin d'avoir une section pleine largeur
* Upgrade en version béta 36 de Uikit

# 0.0.8
* Ajout de styles sur les formulaires (utilise flexbox)
* Correctif sur la couleur des liens dans le(s) footer(s)
* Optimisation SEO : lien unique vers les pages "institutionnelles" du footer (Plan de site + Mentions légales)

# 0.0.7
* HOTFIX : Chargement de Jquery en HEADER afin de pouvoir utiliser les autres Packages Coteo non modifiés pour le moment
* Fix boggue avec la fonction Section::getCurrentSection() qui retournait NULL lors de la création d'une nouvelle page (DRAFT)
* Ajout de deux nouveaux template d'agencement : 5 colonnes et 6 colonnes identiques

# 0.0.6
* Compression de main.js dans le footer pour optimisation du temps de chargement et note Google PageSpeed
* Optimisation du chargement de FontAwesome en le chargeant via CDN et dans le footer (Google PageSpeed)
* Ajout des Responsive Image => ATTENTION

# 0.0.5
* Chargement de Jquery en Footer + correctif sur la version chargée + changement de cdn pour utiliser le même que celui utilisé pour Uikit
* Upgrade en version béta 35 de Uikit
* Suppression de la balise link rel="canonical" en doublon
* Suppression du chargement de la font 'Open-Sans'
* Suppression de commentaires dans le code visibles dans le HTML

# 0.0.4
* Ajout des balises OpenGraph
* Ajout des balises Twitter Card
* Correction et modification du lien vers le site de l'agence dans le footer
* Ajout de mixins css3 dans `_tools.less`
* Suppression de tests de bouton [Retour en haut] qui apparaissaient en doublon
* Transfert du bouton [Imprimer] du bas du site vers la barre de droite
* Ajout d'une balise link rel="publisher" avec la page Google Plus => ATTENTION : package désormais dépendant de coteo_package_informations (ne provoque pas de boggue si non présent)

# 0.0.3
* Correction du menu niveau 1 dont la couleur disparaissait au survol des éléments de niveau 2
* Ajout de traductions
* Majuscules sur le menu mobile
* Corrige les personnalisations de style du header et du footer qui n'étaient pas répercutées hors de la home
* Inclus une nouvelle zone Aside-bottom propre à la page et de 100% de large

# 0.0.2
* Ajout de la gestion du multilingue
* Changement de la position du bouton imprimé
* Correction du fil d'ariane uniforme en taille même au dernier niveau
* Changement marge au-dessus du footer augmentée

# 0.0.1
* Première version en production